Lasers have been used for oral soft tissue dental procedures,and they reported benefits over conventional treatment modalities include: reducing numbers of appointments, reducing stress, improving visibility, improving patient comfort, and reducing complications

Laser use can be minimally invasive compared to conventional modalities:

  • Laser energy can aid in hemostasis, providing for improved visibility during a surgical procedure
  • Laser irradiation can reduce bacteria
  • Laser use can help in wound healing and can produce other photobiomodulation effects;
  • Laser energy can reduce pain when compared to conventional methods.
  • Advantages of Lasers
  1. Minimize bleeding and swelling.
  2. Decrease pain.
  3. Reduce anxiety in patients.
  4. Reduce bacterial infections (sterilizes the area being worked).
  5. During cavity treatment, it preserves the tooth healthy.
  6. Faster healing.
  7. Better visualization.

Soft tissue lasers have been successfully used in periodontal surgical procedures. This includes; periodontal flap surgeries, osseous resection, gingivectomy, gingivoplasty, frenectomies, abalation of lesions, excisional and incisional biopsies, tuberosity reductions of soft tissue, periodontal pocket treatment, crown lengthening and operculum removal. The laser is also used for the perio- implantitis treatment such as keeping the peri-implant tissue healthy during Implant therapy. Soft tissue lasers also have an impact on oral surgery. Lasers can be a useful treatment modality for obtaining biopsy specimens without tissue destruction. The some of the application in oral surgery are; homeostasis, cysts, benign tumour, malformation, scar correction, preprosthetic surgeries, low level laser therapy.

In orthodontics, the soft tissue laser improve gingival shape and contour, lengthen crowns, idealise tooth proportionality. The some of the uses in orthodontics are Aesthetic gingival recontouring, Soft tissue crown lengthening. Exposure of soft-tissue impacted teeth,Removal of inflamed and hypertrophic tissue, frenectomy, Tissue removal at the site for mini screw. The soft tissue lasers application on conservative dentistry and endodontics are root canal treatment, pulp capping and pulpotomy, dentinal hypersensitivity, sterilisation of root canals.